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Pollination Legacy Chapter One

Sims 3 Legacy Journal

Hello and welcome to my sims 3 legacy using Pinstar's rules.

I will be using the optional Patriarchy rule and I will be using Twallan's master controller mod for pollination only due to the nature of sims alien procreation procedures. For those that are unaware, in the sims 2, male sims could be abducted and impregnated by a male alien sim. In keeping with that theme this legacy will contain male couples and should you find that material offensive then this legacy is not for you.

Chapter One: The Arrival 

This Legacy begins like so many others that have come before it on a large empty lot in Sunset Valley where nothing but a mail box and garbage bin await the arrival of the legacy founder.

The silence of this picturesque morning was broken by a loud thunder-like crack accompanied by a bright flash of light. As the light subsided the silhouette of a lone figure could be seen where moments ago there had been no one.

Meet the founder of the Pollination Legacy. Pollination Technician Number Nine, an evil genius, family man with a green thumb and talent for kissing, that wants to be surrounded by family.

Having arrived safely at his destination Nine got out his pocket communication and tracking module and checked the co-ordinates.

Location Sunset Valley 15 Summer Hill Court. Everything appeared to be in order so it was time to contact the mother ship.

Nine: This is Pollination Technician Number Nine reporting in. I have arrived at the designated position and await further instruction.

Mother Ship: Acknowledged. Habitation module dispatched to your location. Proceed to locate male human then contact again for further instructions and more detailed outline of your mission parameters.

Nine ended the call to the Mother Ship and was putting away his communicator when a large ball of fire fell from the sky and smashed into the ground. When the dust cleared he could see a large crater marring the surface of the once pristine green feild.

Nine: Perfect. My habitation module was right on target.

Nine took a look inside. It apeared that everything in the module had arrived undamaged.

With a home base established it was time for Nine to set out on his mission to seek out a human male.

Nine reached the top of a hill over-looking the town of Sunset Valley. Although it was nice to see so much green vegetation he did feel a bit unsettled by the look of the buildings. They were so unlike anything on his homeworld Nine had to stop for a moment to take in the foreign vista.

Nine crept down the hill making sure to stay close to the trees where his green skin would help him blend in.

Then he saw what he was sent to find. A male human in the distance was standing by a water reservoir. Nine quickly got out his communicator and called the mother ship.

Nine: This is Pollination Technician Number Nine reporting in. I have made visual contact with a human male and await further instruction.

Mother Ship: Acknowledged. Uploading full mission parameters to your personal communicator. We will return at the designated time for collection. Good luck number nine. Mother Ship ceasing communication.

Nine then read through his mission details.

Brief from Pollination High Command for Pollination Technician Number Nine.
For many years now you have conducted studies in Strangetown abducting human males and pollinating them then releasing them back into their natural habitat. The data gathered from this about the combination of DNA between our species has been most informative.
We now wish to take those studies to a new level and observe the genetics over a number of generations. You are to find a human male to take as your mate and raise a litter of children. You will educate your spawn in our ways then select one to take over your mission when they have all reached pollination maturity. This mission will be handed down over ten generations and when the first of the tenth generation is spawned the mothership will return to collect him for study.
Also make sure to record the images of all your spawn and their mates so that those can be entered into our study data as well.

Nine could barely contain his excitement. He was to take a mate and live on the world he had studdied for so long. This was the moment he had been training for all his life.

He observed the human for a moment and decided that he didn't look threatening. It was time to put all his training to use and initiate first contact. Nine plucked up his courage and made his way past the water reservoir to talk to the human.

Nine: Greetings human male. I am Pollination Technician Number Nine. I have come to this planet to find a mate and produce a litter. You look like you have suitable genetics. Would you like to be my mate?

Hank: Whoah! Hold on a second there. For starters my name is Hank Goddard not human male. You got a few things to learn about how things work on this world. You can't just walk up to someone and ask to mate with them. You have to get married first.

Nine: My appologies Hankgoddard. I did not intend to anger you. I did not know about your human custom of 'get married'.

Nine: If it will not cause you to become angry again may I ask how does someone 'get married'?

Hank seemed somewhat ammused by the question and the conversation started to gather a crowd of onlookers.

Hank: Ok to start with you find someone you like and you romance them. You tell them how much they mean to you. If they feel the same way then you get down on one knee and give them a gold ring with a valuable gemstone on it and ask them to marry you. If they say yes then I'm sure they will help you with the rest. I don't plan on doing it myself any time soon though. I'm just not the marrying type.

Nine: Thank you for your assistance Hankgoddard. You have been most helpful.

Hank: No problem. Just don't ask me to mate with you again OK?

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Jul. 26th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)
Fantastic legacy so far! I'm very excited to read the rest of it. What an original idea too! C: I look forward to more chapters. c:
Aug. 3rd, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
This is awesome, excellent take on Strangetown aliens :D
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Jun. 5th, 2011 05:52 am (UTC)
Re: Занятный блог
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